Tagging guns may be purchased at supply pick-up for $10.

You are required to tag your own items, and you must use our automated system. Before entering your clothes online, you should arrange them in size order and separate them by boys and girls. Non-clothing items should be entered last. One tag per item should be printed and placed on your item. If you make any changes in the system after you have printed your tags you must reprint the item/items tags. Items must be priced in $0.50 increments, and we will accept no item priced under $1.00. Please bring a printed copy of your inventory sheet with you when you drop off your items and bring items in inventory sheet order.

  • All clothing must be safety pinned on sturdy wire hangers. Do not use clip or plastic hangers.

  • Loose items should be pinned with a safety pin.

  • The tagging gun WILL MAKE A HOLE IN YOUR CLOTHES THAT IS NOT REPAIRABLE. Only put the needle in the inside seam.

  • Please do not use cardstock that is a different color than the cardstock you were given for this sale. If you need more cardstock, please contact us. Tags printed on other cardstock will not be accepted at receiving.

  • Tags cannot be stapled over tags from previous consignment sales.


This is a single item. The hanger looks like the top of a question mark. The tag is on the right side when facing the item.  When tagging a full price item put the blue dot on the front of the tag.

This is a single item. The hanger looks like the top of a question mark. The tag is on the right side when facing the item.


This is the front and back of a two-piece item on one hanger. Note that the shirt is not under the overalls but pinned on the outside. Please do not hang items under one another, but use more than one hanger (like item below) or use one hanger with both items pinned to the hanger.


This is a four-piece outfit on multiple hangers. The three hangers have a rubber band around them to keep the items together. The matching tights are in a plastic bag that is pinned to the hanger.


Shoes need to be placed in a zipped-top plastic bag with the tag inside the bag. You can use a tagging gun to keep the tag in place. Place the tag in the bag and then insert the needle of the tagging gun through one side of the bag, the tag, and then the other side of the bag.


Multiple books should be placed in a bag with the tag inside the bag. Single books do not have to be in a plastic bag but this does help prevent possible damage and loss of tag.


Small miscellaneous items should be placed in a bag with the tag in the bag. Bag should be taped shut so it can not be opened. For instructions on how to tag inside the bag see description of shoes.


Large item with small items. Place small items and tag in a plastic bag. Attach with ribbon or tape the bag of small items (with tag inside) to the large item.

Please let us know if you have any tagging questions that have not been answered.