If you wish to consign with us, you must register by attending our Consignor Registration Meeting or one of our supply pick-up times.

Our Consignor Registration Meeting is TBD, at 7:00pm at Sycamore View Church of Christ, 1910 Sycamore View.

When you arrive you will be given a number in consecutive order. You cannot leave once you are given your number, and you cannot get a number to hold a spot in line for someone else. Numbers will not be given out until 6:00pm. Please know we are trying to figure out how to keep this fair for everyone. Please no food or drinks in the auditorium.

After a short informational meeting, you may pick up your tagging supplies and sign up for your volunteer shifts. You may pick up tagging supplies for yourself and only one other person not present at the meeting, but you may not sign them up for volunteer shifts (this includes family members not present at the meeting).

If you do not attend this meeting, please note that online sign-up to volunteer to work a shift will not open until after tag pickup on Sunday, TBD, at noon.

Due to building constraints, we must limit the number of consignors in our sale. Once we reach the maximum numbers of consignors we will not be able to accept any additional consignors.

If you can not make the Consignor Registration meeting, you will need to pick up your supplies at one of our two supply pick-up dates, located in the church lobby.
Saturday, TBD, 9:00am–12:00pm (church lobby)
Sunday, TBD, 9:00–10:30am (church lobby)

Each consignor can bring 200 items. Within these 200 items:

  1. You are limited to no more than 50 "no-half" items.

  2. You are limited to no more than 25 small table toys. This does not include books, DVDs, baby equipment, large floor toys or riding toys (these do not have an item limit as long as they are within your 200 items).

You will receive at least 80% of your selling price if you work one shift with us. You will receive 70% of your selling price if you choose not to work a shift. We will take out only enough to cover our expenses and to assist children through our chosen charities. This is not a fundraiser for our church. This sale is conducted to assist families in our community while clothing your own children. Volunteer here.

We DO accept

  • Gently worn fall/winter clothing
  • Boys 0-20, shoes to size 8 (in excellent condition)
  • Girls 0-16, shoes to size 6 (in excellent condition)
  • Baby equipment and furniture
  • Structured baby carriers
  • Original children’s DVDs in a case (Rated G & PG)
  • Children’s video games (category E rated), original CDs and books
  • Table top toys (limit 25)
  • Large floor toys and outside toys (no limit)
  • Wood-tray puzzles, new or used
  • FACTORY SEALED cardboard puzzles
  • Backless booster car seats

We DO NOT accept

  • Cloth toys of any kind or stuffed animals
  • Plush electronic toys or similar type toys
  • Slings, wraps, or velcro swaddlers
  • Baby cribs, mattresses, or nap mats
  • Used or opened games or cardboard puzzles
  • Maternity or adult clothing or shoes
  • Room decor, mobiles, bedding, or blankets
  • Diaper bags, cloth diapers, potty chairs, potty rings, or Boppies
  • Diaper pails, Diaper Genies, etc. (new or used)
  • Any type of feeding items
  • Car seats (unless part of a stroller)
  • Booster car seats with a back
  • Jewelry, watches, purses, backpacks, or lunchboxes
  • Bibs, socks, hats, hair bows, mittens, or gloves (unless attached to an outfit)
  • VHS tapes or cassette tapes
  • Any cloth item that cannot be washed
  • Items that are stained, torn, smell, have animal hair on them, or have missing parts

We reserve the right to refuse any item based on condition, style, seasonal nature, or if the item has been recalled by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (

We reserve the right to refuse or pull any item at any time (before or during the sale). Any item will be returned to you.

You are required to tag your own items, and you must use our automated system. Please visit the Tagging Items page for details.

All unsold items must be picked up on Saturday, August 25, 5:30–6:30pm. No reminder calls will be made to consignors on Saturday evening. Items not picked up by 6:30pm. will be donated to charity.